Day 439: Mirror, mirror not on the wall

OWLmirrorI’ve had a lot of special “moments” with my car, a 1991 Sunbird. There was the time I pressed the horn and nothing happened. Several times — usually in winter — when I’ve turned the key and nothing happened. Oh, and how could I forget the time I stepped on the brake and nothing happened.

But even after all those memorable moments, today was perhaps the most special of all. I was running late to get to my mom’s to take her to church, so I zoomed out of my driveway a little faster than usual. Just when I’d pulled into bumper to bumper traffic on the main three-lane road, I went to step on the brake, looked up at my rear-view mirror, but saw nothing but windshield.

I couldn’t quite process what I was seeing … or not seeing. Thank goodness I was stopped at a red light. At first I thought the mirror had been stolen. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw it sitting on the floor of the car. It must have just decided it had had enough and took a dive.

I panicked. You don’t realize how you rely on the blasted thing until it’s gone. I had visions of the police throwing the book at me (or worse, laughing their heads off). So my good deed today is that I managed to turn off on some quiet streets and make my way straight back home without causing any traffic accidents.

Now, you might think this was the obvious course of action. I thought so too until I called my mom and explained why I couldn’t take her to church.

“But why not?” she asked. “Aren’t your side mirrors the important ones?”

Everyday hero
On Sundays, I like to spotlight an everyday hero and when I read this story in my local paper, I knew I’d found my hero. I think you’ll understand why:

“I work in downtown Toronto and drive to work every day. One day my car was in the shop so I had to bring in my husband’s old-model SUV. It began pouring rain just as I was coming out of the tunnel in front of the Air Canada Centre, but when I turned on the wipers, the one on the driver’s side fell off onto the hood of the vehicle. I am not very mechanically inclined, but I pulled over to see what I could do.

“There was a Raptors game on that evening and there were ticket sellers all over the sidewalk. Several of them approached me, assuming I wanted tickets. When I told them the problem, one of them came over with an umbrella and held it over me while I tried to fix the wiper and then took over the job himself and successfully reattached it. That was just the nicest thing and really made my day!” — Cathy R., Toronto
Excerpted from
The Toronto Star


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