Day 440: Falling slowly

Sometimes all you can do is whine.
Sometimes all you can do is whine.

You know how you sometimes see an event unfold before you in slow motion? Like your glass of red wine falling through mid-air toward your white carpet? (Or worse, your friend’s white carpet?) That’s what happened to me this morning but, sadly, no wine was involved.

I had just climbed the stairs from the subway platform and was headed for the exit turnstile.

A young woman in front of me carrying a tote bag with “Jamaica” spelled out in tiny shells, walked through the turnstile and lost hold of her newspaper. (This is the slow motion part.) Instead of falling at her feet where she could pick it up herself, it tumbled over the partition, just out of her reach.

She stood and stared at it, wanting it back but perhaps not enough to cough up another ticket to walk through and get it.

It landed on my side of the gate, so picking it up and handing it to her was a GDAD no-brainer. She smiled and thanked me, though – probably because by the time I’d gotten to it, about four people had walked over it in a rush-hour stampede to work.

And to be honest, if it weren’t for these past 440 days, I probably would have been one of them….

P.S. I can’t even tell you how much I love this song (and the beautiful Irish movie, Once, that it comes from). Enjoy!


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