Day 443: Playing ketchup

If you thought <i>your</i> bottle was hard to pour....
If you thought your bottle was hard to pour....

I was at the grocery store today with a $20 bill in my pocket. I planned to pick up something for the food bank bin at the front of the store but by the time I’d grabbed the items I’d gone there for, I wasn’t sure if I had enough money left.

At first, I thought I’d put it off until the next visit. But then I gave my head a shake and realized I could handle the challenge … the math challenge, that is.

So I reexamined what I had in my little basket. I put back the fancy cereal, grabbed good old Weetabix instead and traded the large box of tea bags for the small one.

I tried to recalculate and estimate and round off prices until my head hurt. Then I decided to take my chances at the cash register. If worse came to worse I could leave the K-D* behind. (That was for me, not the bank, by the way.)

Then the dilemma of what item to choose for the food bank. I remembered something a friend told me. (Her parents volunteer in their town’s food drive.) She said that one thing they’re always short of is condiments, so after much internal turmoil and debate I settled on ketchup.

I almost went with mustard, and the relish caught my eye, but in the end, Canada’s Food Guide flashed through my mind.

I mean, ketchup’s practically a vegetable, right? 🙂

*K-D = Kraft Dinner for those outside of Canada.

P.S. Habla español? Enjoy!


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