Day 447: FoodShare — good, healthy food for all

FoodShareThis morning, within two city blocks, I passed the following:  a Bangladeshi video store, a Mexican restaurant, a Portuguese bakery, an African cafe, a Vietnamese restaurant, a Caribbean grocery, and a Croatian credit union. Toronto in a nutshell. Gotta love it.

The reason I was in this particular neighbourhood was to volunteer for the morning at FoodShare. It’s a non-profit agency dedicated to improving people’s lives by providing affordable “Good Food” boxes filled with fruits, vegetables and other nutritious foods — to communities, schools and individuals. They also create school gardens, community markets and many other great programs.

"Advocate avocadoes!" ... a slogan our team came up with today.
"Advocate avocadoes!" ... a slogan our team came up with today.

The company I work for helps FoodShare from time to time and also gives employees a chance to volunteer there twice a year on company time.

Today, I helped create posters for an upcoming student conference called “Recipe for Change.” About 300 Toronto high school students will attend the conference, and find out ways healthy food can make lives — and the world — a better place.

Food for thought….


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