Day 449: Walk ‘n’ roll, hootchie koo

When you've just got to get to the beach.
When you've just got to get to the beach.

Some gestures are purely reflex — you know, catching a falling Ming vase or saying “God bless you” or “gesundheit” when someone sneezes. So you can’t really include these in your good deed log for the day, can you?

OK, just this once 🙂  …. Today for example, I was walking along downtown and before I was even aware of what was happening, I’d grabbed hold of a lady’s walker (aka rollator) that was rolling speedily away from her.

Her daughter had stopped in a temporary “no parking” zone and was helping her frail mom out of the car.

Mom was leaning on the daughter’s left arm, while her right was outstretched to the walker handle. She was hanging on by her fingertips, spreadeagled over the curb. And because the sidewalk sloped down from the road, she must have lightened her grip and away it went.

That’s where I came in. Out of pure reflex, I ran over, stopped it and pushed it back to the mother-daughter team. I held it steady until Mom could reach it.

My own mom uses a Nexus-2000 – considered hot wheels in Rollator World – so that’s where I must have developed my lightning- fast walker-retrieval reflexes.

Ming vases, here I come….

P.S. This made me laugh. Enjoy!


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