Day 450: Red light district

DonotWalkSignHave you heard the saying “No good deed goes unpunished”? It popped into my head today after I let another car in ahead of me, they zoomed through the left-turn yellow light and I was left stopped at the red.

“C’est la vie” was what popped into my head next … No, really.

On Sundays I like to spotlight an “everyday hero” and when I read this story in my local paper, I thought the anonymous honest person who prompted it definitely earned that title.

Everyday hero
Excerpted from The Toronto Star

On a recent weekend, I stopped to withdraw some money from a bank machine in Bloor West Village. I was on my way to breakfast, and clearly had bacon and eggs on my mind. I took my bank card from the machine and walked away, leaving my $60 like a discarded withdrawal receipt.

I realized when the bill came after breakfast. I rushed back to the machine, and sure enough, after 45 minutes, the money was long gone. I sheepishly walked into the branch, publicly declared myself to be an idiot for walking away from my $60, and asked a teller if, by chance, a good Samaritan had turned it in.

To my surprise, someone had. It’s amazing how something as little as $60 can renew one’s faith in humanity.
Ryan, Toronto


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