Day 451: A wail of a tale

Talk101Sorry I was MIA yesterday, folks. I spent most of the day feeling as though my head was filled with concrete … hot, pounding concrete … oh, and caught in a vice.

But copious quantities of Advil cold and sinus – and many hours of sleep – later, I returned to work this morning.

Despite my sorry state, I passed up an empty seat on the subway and, instead, left if for a mom with a newborn. When the seat beside her became vacant, she laid the sleeping child beside her on a blanket.

I could hardly believe my eyes when a young woman in her early twenties, not only pushed past me but asked the mother to shift the baby so she could sit and sip her latte (a hazard around infants, aren’t they?).

With the move, the baby started to wail. And I mean, WAIL! This kid had the lungs of Pavarotti.

Not the best start to the day, but hey, at least the vice has loosened its grip.

P.S. Speaking of moms, here’s one of my favourite songs from Calgary’s Jann Arden. Enjoy!


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