Day 455: Soul food

notaturkeyssThis past weekend was Thanksgiving across Canada and our church asked parishioners to bring a donation of non-perishable items for their annual Thanksgiving food drive.

Rather than donating full bags at holidays, I’ve been trying to drop off one or two items into my local grocery store food bank bin on a regular basis instead.

But since this was a community effort, I brought my bag to church on Sunday expecting to leave it by the door. Wrong.

I got there just as the service was starting and I saw to my horror that the bags had been collected up at the altar.

No way was I charging up there during mass to deposit my bag. With my luck, I’d trip over an altar boy and send boxes of Kraft Dinner raining down on the choir.

Of course that also meant I had to wait till the very end of the service and listen to every last word … even the announcements. Drats.

But at least that allowed me to take my time and stop to light a candle on the way out. For someone I didn’t really know but couldn’t stop thinking about. A neighbour of my mom’s who committed suicide last week. Poor soul. May he rest in peace.

P.S. Here’s a site called where you can light a candle for someone online. Cool.

P.P.S. Believe it or not, this cool Spanish song is a Christmas carol. (You can listen to the whole album here.) Enjoy!


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