Day 459: Gotta run

"We're havin' beefaroniiiiii..."
"We're havin' beefaroniiiiii..."

I used to be a runner, once upon a time. Not a fast runner, mind you, more of a loper … but I did enjoy strapping on the sneakers and pounding the pavement until my knees (and my tolerance for see-your-breath mornings) began to wear out.

Nowadays, the closest thing I get to a jog is the mad dash I make if I’m late for the bus. That said, I admire greatly those who have the discipline and fortitude to keep to a running schedule, especially the most extreme runners of all – those kooky marathoners.

im_logo_5kI’ve been trying to spotlight an everyday hero every week and today that person is a colleague of mine who I sponsored this weekend in the “5K Your Way Walk/Run” to raise funds for the Princess Margaret Hospital (part of the GoodLife Fitness Toronto Marathon).

Despite never having run a marathon before, this everyday hero braved the frosty morning temperatures to raise money to help fight cancer.

What I learned by sponsoring her is that the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) is one of the top five comprehensive cancer research hospitals in the world. According to the PMH website, “New discoveries and innovative cancer therapies that are changing cancer care for patients globally are happening right here in Canada, at The Princess Margaret.”

P.S. Running … and walking … can sometimes look silly. Enjoy!


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