Day 462: When one door opens….

Now, THAT's a door! (San Miguel de Allende, Mexico)
Now, THAT's a door! (San Miguel de Allende, Mexico)

There’s an underground pathway that I take from the subway that stretches for a few city blocks beneath the city. Like the Catacombs … with shopping.

Each section of The Path, as it’s called, is closed off by big heavy doors. But you can open most of these doors by pushing a wheelchair accessibility button.

Now, I’ve never actually seen anyone in a wheelchair spin through these doors but there’s a sort of “code” I’ve noticed whereby every third or fourth person who passes through, taps on the button as they pass so that it won’t slam closed on anyone.

I usually walk above ground if the weather’s nice, but this morning it looked like rain so I wimped out and headed for the tunnel. And since I’ve been leaving it up to others to hit the “open” button, today I thought I’d do my part and made a point of hitting it at each entrance.

Oh, and to continue with my door-opening theme, I actually opened a few doors the old-fashioned way throughout the day. Not as high-tech, mind you, but it felt like it took more effort and, in some cases, muscle. (What the heck do they make some of these doors out of, anyway? Kryptonite?)

P.S. I wanted to share the “Notable Quotable” quote from my Outreach Connection connection, Mr. Singh. He picked a good one this week!

“We make a living by what we get,
we make a life by what we give.”
Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965) 

P.P.S. And here they are (from the Smothers Brothers show!), The Doors. Enjoy!


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