Day 463: Good deed pyjama party

Singing the blues: Endangered Amazon rainforest butterfly.
Singing the blues: Endangered Amazon rainforest butterfly.

A reader sent me a link to their new site  — — that promotes home-based volunteering. Their slogan is one I can totally relate to: “Change the world in just your pyjamas through easy home-based volunteering actions!”

They had me at “pyjamas.”

So I checked out their site today and found some great ideas for good deeds. They even take care of time management for you, breaking down their suggestions into tasks that require a mere 1, 5 or 10 minutes. I decided to go crazy and choose 10 minutes, and the suggestion that popped up was to use the Ecoogler search engine to help reforest the Amazon.

Seemed like poetic justice to me to use the computer — which was supposed to lead to the, ahem, “paperless office” — to protect the rainforest. So the first search I made was for “Ecoogler” itself. It led me to a site called and here’s what I found out:

ecoogler-imageEach search you do with Ecoogler counts for 1 leaf of a tree towards reforestation.10,000 leaves (or searches) make up one tree to be planted in the Amazon. To make this happen, Ecoogler works with the Swiss non-profit association Aquaverde, whose mission since 2002 has been to protect the Amazonian rainforest. Ecoogle has sponsored 500 trees in March and another 500 trees in April this year, according to Aquaverde. …The highest numbers of visits come from Spain, then Columbia, Mexico, Costa Rica and Argentina.”

So I didn’t make it to a whole tree yet, but I think I did do enough searches for at least one branch….

P.S. All this talk of leaves reminded me of this great song (Credit: YouTube / sultana63again). Enjoy!


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