Day 466: My neighbour’s keeper

BrothersKeeperYou’ll have to trust me on this one, I did do at least one good deed today. But I wanted to write about something a friend of mine did that touched my heart.

She passed a street person who was lying asleep up against a planter box beside a nearby construction site. It was raining and after quite some time the person was still there in the same spot.

When she got back to the office it weighed on her mind so she threw her coat back on and off she went to check on him.

With relief, she reported back that the man was gone, “and there was no police tape around the area.”

When I tried to commend her for being so caring, she waved me off, humbly replying, “We all have to live in this city.”

Now that’s something I’ll keep in my mind….


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