Day 469: Dios de los muertos


Mexico's Dios de los muertos ... a day to celebrate our lost loved ones.

Today is All Soul’s Day. It’s a day to remember the dearly departed, especially those who have recently left us. I’d like to dedicate today’s post to two beautiful souls who passed away this week — my in-laws. At 96, they were both an inspiration to me in so many ways. And neither one of them would ever have called any of the thoughtful gestures and kind words and actions they shared daily — no, hourly — as good deeds. To them, it was second-nature to put yourself in another’s shoes and treat each person with compassion and understanding. I still have so much to learn from them.

One of the many things I learned by watching my father-in-law in action was the way he took a special interest in every person who crossed his path. Whether it was a waitress, a store clerk or a bank president, he treated each individual with the same warmth and courtesy, genuinely interested in who they were and what they were about.

He was a master at turning a brief encounter with a stranger into a warm exchange that invariably left that person a little cheerier as they went on their way.

I did try to do that today. And I will try to do that every day. For Flos and for Poppo.

P.S. Here’s a song that reminds me of my in-laws, both great opera lovers. Enjoy!



3 thoughts on “Day 469: Dios de los muertos

  1. Hola,

    Your warm comments give me strength and warm my heart. This classy couple leaves us all with a target to aspire to in the way we ought to conduct ourselves in dealing with others. They are in a better place and their faith will keep them in gentle & loving hands.

    Yo te quiero Flos & Dad xoxo##

  2. We all have something to learn from the love and compassion they shared for live and each other. Lessons that will stay with us for all of our lives. Thank you Deb for writing so eloquently what is on all of our minds. They were and are great pillars of our family.

    Love to Grama Hi and Grandpa

  3. What a blessing to have such wonderful examples in our lives.
    I’ll be thinking of both (nad your families) all this week, ((((big warm hugs)))))

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