Day 471: Cold off the presses

newspaper cartoonA few weeks back, I was very touched when Mr. Singh, my Outreach Connection paper person, pulled out a back issue for me because I’d been away the week before.

So today, even though I got a ride to work (by my good-deeding husband) and the icy wind made it feel like the middle of winter, I hiked back to the subway entrance to make sure I didn’t miss him.

Mr. Singh was not to be fooled however.

“You usually come from the direction,” he said, quizzically, huddled in his tattered green parka.

“I got a ride in today,” I explained.

“Ah,” he said. “Me too,” pointing to his bicycle.

He’s a funny one, that Mr. Singh. In fact, when I got to my desk and read his “Notable Quotable” on the front cover, I laughed out loud:

“Stupid is forever. Ignorance can be fixed.”
Don Wood

Who the heck is Don Wood, you ask?
Exactly what I wondered. Turns out, he’s the CEO of a company called 80/20 Inc. and was named “Entrepreneur of the Year” by Ernst & Young.

Here’s what I find out about 80/20:

“Dubbed the ‘Industrial Erector Set,’ the 80/20 Inc.’s modular aluminum framing system can be used by virtually every industry.

“The idea for these innovative components was in Don Wood’s head for more than 30 years, when finally in 1989 he was able to document the business plan and make his vision a reality. The company he created, 80/20, produces an adaptable system of aluminum extruded T-slotted framing, connectors, hinges, rollers and other components.”

Proving that all good modular aluminum things come to those who wait….


2 thoughts on “Day 471: Cold off the presses

  1. Mr. Singh sells a weekly paper called the Outreach Connection, which offers gainful employment to homeless folks and others on public assistance.

    And secondly … that is an excellent question, lol. Thank you, Thoth, you’ve made my day!

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