Day 472: Litter lady light

SimonCowellCartoonWhat a glorious day it’s been … sun shining, warm air, gentle breeze … with the crisp crunch of leaves under foot as you walked along. It was so beautiful, in fact, that I didn’t mind at all scooping up litter as I strolled through my neighbourhood this afternoon. No, really….

I even managed to find a stray glove that had either been lost, or flung aside when the sun warmed everything up to a balmy 16 C degrees. I hooked the glove to a nail on a nearby telephone poll in case the person finds they need it once November begins to feel like November again. (You know, dark, dreary, teeth-chatteringly damp.)

I’ve titled this post “Litter lady light” because although I filled up the bag I brought along with me, everything seemed very lightweight. There were the usual Tim Hortons coffee cups, water bottles and cola cups big enough to swim in, along with a disturbing number of cigarette packs, but not the heavy stuff like old shoes or pieces of tire, that I sometimes find.

Another plus about the sun shining so brightly was that each discarded wrapper or pop can jumped out at me like … well, wrappers and pop cans. They looked glaringly out of place against the still-green grass and the autumn leaves.

Leaves, hmmm … guess that takes care of my next deed ….

P.S. Here’s a song to herald the sunshine today and the sunny spirits I felt shining down upon me. Enjoy!


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