Day 476: Spooner or ladle

ranawaywiththespooncartoonI was a spoon polisher today. (No, they weren’t out of apples. haha) Let me back up … instead of stocking disposable coffee stir-sticks, my office keeps an environmentally friendly set of stir spoons in the communal kitchen. The clean spoons are held in a cute-as-can-be white cup and after you swirl your coffee or tea, you place the spoon in an appropriately shaded black cup.

When I poured my coffee this morning, the black cup was full of spoons, the white cup completely empty. I was “this” close to washing one single spoon for my one single cup but the GDAD angel on my left shoulder KO’d the BDAD devil on my right and … next thing you know … there I was at the sink washing, rinsing and drying spoons. Okay, it ain’t exactly scrubbing in with Doctors Without Borders but, heh, I try.

Since that deed was a rather small one, I will also share this story with you that I read about in my local paper – makes me feel proud of the kind folks of my home town:

“I was in a grocery store lineup on a busy Saturday morning. I was third in line with one lady emptying out her cart onto the belt ahead of me. The cashier was trying to explain to an elderly lady, who did not know English all that well, that the item she wanted to purchase was charged by the pound. The elderly lady was stating that it can’t be and that she could not afford the price by the pound.

“The customer ahead of me and behind the elderly lady stopped the cashier from putting the fresh item on a shelf and said she would pay for it. She put the item in the elderly lady’s bag. The elderly lady went off not even knowing that she just received an act of kindness from a stranger.

“I commented to the woman that I have not seen an act of kindness like that in quite a while and that we should all be as good. She replied that one day she’ll be that age and, God-willing, someone might help her to have nutritious foods.”

Sandra, Toronto

P.S. Speaking of spoons…. here is the Spoons’ song “Don’t You Evah” with the cutest robot evah grooving to the tune. Enjoy!


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