Day 477: Happy World Kindness Day

Nothing beats a hot drink on a cold day. (Photo: Darinka)

Believe it or not, I felt very lucky this Friday the 13th. For one thing, I was not the person in this picture, huddled against a building to brave the cold.

In fact, it was a beautiful sunny day here and a balmy 12 C, which, considering it’s November and, um, Canada … that makes all of us very fortunate indeed.

I also found out that it’s World Kindness Day. No guff. A day for countries around the world “to join together and pledge to help make the world a kinder and more compassionate place,” according to The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. I just stumbled upon this foundation today. How I’ve never heard of it before — with all my PhD-worthy good-deeding research and all, I just don’t know.

w_k_d_logoIt’s been around since 1995, when an anonymous patron (aren’t those the best kind?) established it “as a resource for people committed to spreading kindness.” If you are a parent, or teacher, or community helper, this site offers great FREE downloadable resources, such as activity ideas, lesson plans, project plans, teacher’s guides, project planning guides, and workplace resources for spreading the love of kindness. (Did I mention they were FREE?)

One of the free e-Cards available at

They also offer a bunch of cool e-cards (um, also FREE) to choose from. I sent out a bunch, just for the heck of it, just to say “hey, thinking of you.”

So Happy World Kindness Day, everyone!

P.S. A little early for Christmas but here’s a great song of the season (credit: StrangerPhilosophy). Enjoy!


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