Day 481: Like a rolling scone

I love Christmas music, so when I saw a chance to buy a Christmas CD and do a good deed, well … you know the rest.

(And no, it’s not the CD you may think it is … already have one or cough10cough of those.)

I picked up Mr. Bob Dylan’s Christmas album. I do love the Bobster from way back (“Blowin’ in the Wind” is my all time favourite) and even more so when I read in my local paper newspaper that “Dylan will donate all his U.S. royalties from album sales to the charity group Feeding America.”

Cutest (and grooviest) couple ever: Bob with Joan Baez.

Here’s what else the story reported:

“Feeding America said it expects to provide meals to 1.4 million people this holiday season with the album proceeds. Columbia said Dylan plans to donate his international royalties to two charity organizations that give meals to needy people in Britain and the developing world. But details on that partnership are still being worked out.”

Dylan added:

“It’s a tragedy that more than 35 million people in this country alone — 12 million of those children – often go to bed hungry and wake up each morning unsure of where their next meal is coming from.  I join the good people of Feeding America in the hope that our efforts can bring some food security to people in need during this holiday season.”

Now, that truly is the Christmas spirit, isn’t it?

P.S. Here comes Santa! Enjoy!


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