Day 484: Random acts of laundry

Rather than bore you with all the door-opening I did today (although one was mildly interesting as it involved balancing an umbrella, two bags and a coffee cup), I wanted to share a good deed of my husband’s. (Don’t tell him I’m broadcasting it online, though.)

After taking out a bag of trash at my in-laws’ seniors’ residence, he started chatting with an elderly lady who was having trouble with the laundry machines on that floor.

She said she usually had help doing her washing, but the helper was off that day. She’d started her load but was a little confused about how to get everything finished. (Making matters more difficult, she found it hard to stand for very long, even with her walker.)

My naturally good-deeding hubby took matters into his own hands, checked out the machines, transferred her wash to the dryer and made sure it was on the right cycle. He then let her know when it would be finished.

“You have done such a good deed for me today,” she told him. “Your parents must be very proud of you.”

They were. And I am.


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