Day 486: Small but mighty

Some of my friends and family have been ribbing me about how “small” some of my good deeds are.

“How hard is it to open a door?” they laugh.

I’ve tried to explain that that’s the whole point of my efforts … to try to pay attention to the small stuff —  stuff I can actually do. Sure, I’d jet off and tend to lepers or remove land mines with my bare hands if I could. …. well, maybe not the land mines … but those grandiose deeds are beyond my feeble capabilities.

And that’s okay, because today I noticed just how much of a difference those little things make in my day. Three, count ’em, three different people elbowed me out of the way today on their way to grab a seat … one on the bus, the other two on the subway.

And these weren’t pimple-faced kids who haven’t learned the rules of etiquette yet. In each case they were grown men … in fact, one of them was carrying a case, a briefcase, and he used that to maneuver his way past a grey-haired lady and onto the coveted bench.

These incidents put me in a foul mood until I got to my office building and a very thoughtful guy waited and waited for me, patiently holding the elevator, until I got in. It literally turned my frown upside down (sorry, cheesy, but true) and brightened my outlook for the rest of the day.

It also  reconfirmed for me the value of even the smallest good deed. I think I’ll go hold a door open now….

P.S. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Day 486: Small but mighty

  1. OMG, don’t listen to your family and friends when it comes to self-improvement, so strange how those so close to us are the most un-receptive to our efforts around the passions in our life. Not that I think they are being cruel, just that I believe changes in the status quo are frightening to our loved ones. True change and impact is all about incremental improvement.

    You would appreciate this, doing “European style” grocery shopping these days in that I am buying my meals daily, and on track in buying a $5 food bank grocery bag on every trip, all the way to Christmas!

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words, Michael, very much appreciated. (And for the many chuckles reading your blog, btw!)

      And food bank bags and windshield scraping??? You get the GDAD gold star, my friend! (If I actually had gold stars to give out, that is. 🙂 )

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