Day 487: Happy Thanksgiving … American-style

The extent of my good deeds today were to try to be as kind and helpful as possible to a couple of people who asked me for directions, even though I had no idea which was the right way to go. (When will you learn, people, I am directionally challenged!)

But, in honour of this being Thanksgiving weekend in the U.S., I also wanted to share this lovely story from the wonderful website.

The lift that gave me joy
— by JeanneHo

Last fall, before Thanksgiving, I was making my way in my car out of the shopping center parking lot.  I was all alone in the car.  I noticed a woman laden with bags and her two boys, one carrying a pumpkin and the other another bag.

They were headed, I assumed, to the bus stop across the major road, since it was too far to walk with all those purchases to any of the nearby apartment communities.  On a random impulse, I rolled down my window and asked if they were indeed headed to the bus stop.  “Yes,” the mother responded.  I asked “Would you like a ride?”  “Oh yes!” was their excited reaction.

I was delighted, and, after maneuvering over to the side out of the way of other traffic, I stopped and the boys piled into the back seat.  The mother started to push in beside them.  I stopped her by saying, “Oh, you come on up here by me. I’m not a taxi!”  So off we went.

Right away, I decided to take them the mile and a half to their home, since I had time and they had bundles.  The boys chattered away telling me about themselves, and I had just a fine time listening and talking with all of them.  It felt so good to be able to do this little trip and know that with such a small effort I could make a big difference to a tired mother.  I’m not sure who got the most out of it.

Incidentally, this was special for me because, as a handicapped person, I’m often on the receiving end of help and now know how especially good it feels to be useful.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating!

P.S. From the Thanksgiving telecast of Kaleidoscope, an event of skating, song & cancer survivorship. Enjoy!


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