Day 489: Stairmaster

When I saw the lady teetering on the steps, I held my breath. She stood at the top of a steep set of stairs that lead from street level down to the underground subway station.

She balanced on one leg, the other encased in a full-leg cast, while her arms struggled to hold her crutches, a purse … oh, and a knapsack on her back.

I approached her from the side so I wouldn’t startle her … it was like coming up behind someone standing on a window ledge … not a time to sneeze.

Once she saw me coming, I asked, “Hi, do you need a hand?”

I figured she wouldn’t want to hand a stranger her purse, but maybe I could take a crutch, or hold her arm. (And did I mention she was wearing safety-hazard Crocs on her feet?)

“No, I can manage,” she said. “But thank you for asking!”

I descended the stairs slowly, half-listening for the sound of a Croc-slide or a crutch tumble. Then when I got to the bottom, I waited in the ticket line (even though I didn’t need one) until I could see that she got to the bottom safe and sound.

She did. Phew….

P.S. Starting to get in the holiday mood, so here’s a beautiful version of Ave Maria performed live with a symphony orchestra (hidden camera credit: ZanessaEfgens). Enjoy!


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