Day 490: Cat in the hat

Do not try this at home.

Timing is everything, even in the good-deeding game. And timing isn’t exactly my strong suit. I have a delayed reaction to most things. One of the reasons I don’t snowboard. Or duel.

So today, when I got on the subway — distracted by my iPod, running late and random mind-wandering — I almost missed the opportunity to do someone a good turn.

As the doors slid open, I spotted a grey toque on the floor of the subway car. Two guys were exiting the train and I froze for a second wondering if the hat belonged to one of them. As they passed me by, I had to react quickly (again, not my specialty) and decide whether to say something first or just get on the train and grab the hat.

The ding-dong sound that indicates “the doors are closing” rang above the music from my earphones, so I called out — probably louder than I needed to — “Hey, is that your hat?” … or more like, “HEY! IS THAT YOUR HAT?!”

The young guy did look startled when he turned around, but then a look of recognition flashed across his face as he spotted the hat. So faster than you can say … anything, really … I swooped down and swept the hat up in my hand. Then I held it out to him on the platform, and pulled my arm in just before the doors slid shut. One of my more athletic and coordinated moves ever, actually.

Maybe it’s not too late to try snowboarding?


P.S. Guess who?


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