Day 492: Shelf stalker

Everywhere I turned in the store today, I seemed to come across books or toys or clothes that had fallen on the floor. Either there’d just been a big “sale” stampede through the aisles, or maybe an earth tremor?

In any case, I dove in and piled the books back on the shelf, hung a couple of fancy blouses back on their hangers (dang those tricky spaghetti straps) and righted a toppled toilet plunger.

This didn’t take much time or trouble at all and actually helped me spot a gift for someone that I might not have seen if I’d simply rushed through the place, so I also wanted to share the following letter that I spotted in my local paper.

In my blogroll, there’s a link to write to Canada’s peacekeeping forces. I’ve dropped them a line a few times and wondered who, if anyone, read my notes. Now I know someone definitely does (although, no, I’m not Emma 🙂 ).

Letter to Emma
“I just wanted to thank Emma. I don’t know her last name. She is the lady that took the time to write a random Christmas card to “Any Canadian Forces Member” in Afghanistan. I received the letter the other day.

“These letters randomly get popped into a soldier’s mail, and believe it or not, they do make one’s day brighter. As I am away from my family over the holidays and for the next seven months, I appreciate Emma’s effort.

“I would like to return the blessings to her and her family — and likewise, I also wish her to have a ‘stay safe’ Christmas. Just so she knows, her letter reached a pilot at the Canadian Aviation Batallion, X-ray ramp, KAF airfield. Merry Christmas, Emma.”
Steve Robertson


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