Day 493: Rushin’ roulette

I’ve been trying to spotlight Everyday Heroes from time to time, and this weekend I got to watch two of them in action. I was in a movie theatre with my husband and some of his lovely family and when the movie was over, I went bolting for the exit. My husband and his bro, however, spotted a couple of elderly ladies who had stopped in their tracks at the prospect of coming down the stairs. In fact, one of them sat down on the stairs to catch her breath.

These two gallant guys not only noticed that they were in distress but double-backed to them on the staircase. Each offered one of the ladies a strong arm to lean on and slowly but surely, inch by inch, step by step, they guided both of them safely to the bottom.

My heroes … and theirs.

So with their example in mind, I tried to slow down myself today and be more mindful of those around me. I didn’t help anyone down (or up) the stairs, but I tried not to elbow my way onto the escalator in a hurry as, ahem, has been known to happen if I’m running late.

So instead of charging through doorways or onto the streetcar, I tried to take a deep breath, step aside and let others lead the way. And I still managed to be on time … ish….

P.S. Here’s Swedish band The Concretes with “You Can’t Hurry Love.” Enjoy!


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