Day 494: Franke Sinatra

Franke, come to mama!

I’m in love with Franke and I don’t care who knows it. Dang these office romances.

Franke is the new state-of-the-art industrial coffee/latte/capuccino machine my office installed in our staff room to celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary. It grinds fresh beans, makes heavenly espresso, steams frothy clouds of milk and could probably have your children, if you programmed the right code.

It’s bewitched me so completely, my good deed has evaporated from my brain. Oh ya, now I remember.

It’s a very high-maintenance beauty, however … think Angelina Jolie meets John Mayer. It has to be de-calcified and cleaned regularly (again, think Angelina Jolie meets John Mayer… 🙂 ).

There is a person in charge of doing all this (the thing practically needs its own au pair), but I thought I’d help out today, and in addition to my clandestine spoon polishing, I also topped up the water, cleaned all the surfaces, replaced the empty milk carton and emptied and rinsed out the “slush” tray that collects after milk is steamed.

Shouldn’t really count it as a good deed, though … after all, it was a labour of love….

P.S. Decaf, just for you. Enjoy!


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