Day 495: A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside a warm building

The weather outside was frightful today. Cold, stinging wet snow, gale-force winds, everything but the cats and dogs.

So on my way into work, when the subway halted at only my third stop, announcing it was out of service and turning back because of a power outtage down the line, I did not relish the prospect of going above ground. Instead, I exited the train with the throngs and we waited until the power went back on and another train finally came. The crush of humanity on this train made sardines look positively lonely by comparison.

Miraculously though, everyone was polite, considerate, no pushing or shoving or thwacking of backpacks. One commuter with a sense of humour even got the subway car smiling when he let out a loud “MOOOO!” as we were herded off the train.

I could have stayed on the train and taken a route that would have brought me closer to the office, but I needed to check on my Outreach Connection paper person, Mr. Singh. There was a chance he’d be braving the elements and standing on his usual corner, my weekly issue in hand.

So I walked up to street level bracing myself against the howling winds, took a look around, saw he wasn’t there and continued on my way. I remembered that he’d told me a while back that there was a nearby government building that let him set up shop in their lobby once winter hit. Well, as much as I hate to admit it, it sure felt like winter today. So I walked over to that building and there he was … my issue close at hand, just as I’d thought.

And his Notable Quotable today? A bit of a head-scratcher ….

“If your horse says no, you either asked the wrong question or asked the question wrong.”

P.S. Here’s a Riddle for ‘ya. Enjoy!


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