Day 496: Rush seats

Hey, is that me? ... um, no

I saw the nicest gesture on the streetcar today. It was a cold, blustery morning and the streetcar was jammed with people. I was standing beside a young, very pregnant mom-to-be in a blue parka and hijab, both of us hanging on for dear life as the driver jerked us left, right, back and forth. (Must’ve been a newbie.)

We were at the end of the streetcar surrounded by no less than six seated people when the only female in the group stood up, tapped my neighbour on the shoulder and insisted that she take the seat.

“I’ve been there,” she said to her. “Please have a seat.”

The guys buried their noses in their papers and scarves.

And me? One of the others did stand up (they were getting off) but I followed the kind lady’s example and let someone else sit down instead.

P.S. At the end of the day, I boarded the street car with a dear friend and colleague and once again, witnessed a kind and thoughtful gesture as she gave up her seat to a young boy who was becoming agitated by the crowded car. A good deed, indeed!

P.P.S. A lovely song for a not-so-lovely day. Enjoy!


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