Day 497: Cold comfort

Looks a tad warmer than my place this morning.

It’s so cold here today, I’m beginning to think Satan got it wrong … forget flames, eternal damnation should involve windchill!

On days like this, my heart goes out to anyone who by circumstance or misfortune is forced to spend more than five minutes out of doors. Especially those who are slowed down by impairments, age, or carrying something heavy.

So when I spotted a young mom with her child in a stroller a ways ahead of me, struggling to get down the subway stairs, my heart went out to her.

She was almost too quick-footed for me, though. I had to rush down the steps myself to catch up with her before she got to the second set of stairs. She paused to catch her breath on the landing and I asked if I could give her a hand.

She surprised me by letting out a big sigh of relief and saying, “Yes, please, I don’t want to miss my bus.”

So I grabbed the front bar of the stroller and helped her carry it down the steps. As we descended, a man said to her, “You know, there’s always another bus. No need to rush.” … I’m sure she felt like smacking him … lucky for him, her hands were full ….

P.S. I also love Diana Krall’s version of this song. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Day 497: Cold comfort

  1. Meh (sort of). It’s been like in Alberta since the end of November, I think you guys just got it recently. My neighborly car window scraping thing is a huge hit, my neighbor returned the favor the other day, which saved me when I was in a hurry. You might be on to something with these good deeds…

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