Day 498: Dishing it out

Had a Cinderella day today (the pre-makeover version … minus the fancy slippers, party and prince).

In our office, everyone takes turns doing “kitchen duty” but the guy assigned for this week was so busy and stressed out, I thought I’d help him out a little.

So I unloaded the dishwasher for him, dried off the damp ones and put them away. Then loaded it again with the ones filling the sink.

The tricky part was trying to do it before anyone “caught” me. Want to remain anonymous at all times, after all.

Unfortunately, someone did come in just as I was speedily clanging the last cup into the dishwasher (good thing they’re not fine china). She remarked on what I was doing and said she was going to tell Mr. Kitchen Duty what I’d done for him.

“NOOO!!!” I said … perhaps a little too vehemently. She did look a little startled. I explained that it was no big deal, so no need to say anything to him.

So maybe I wasn’t Cinderella after all … more of a Fairy Godmother….oh to have a magic wand!

P.S. Guess who?


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