Day 499: Rescue 911 x 2

Trust me ... always best to buy donuts ready-made.

Fire terrifies me. Ever since setting our kitchen ablaze in high school trying to make donuts. (Do NOT try that at home.)

So when I heard a brave 19-year-old being interviewed on CBC radio recounting his daring deeds in the face of fire, I knew I’d found an everyday hero.

Today I donated some staple foodstuffs to the Christmas food drive hamper our office building is collecting, but I thought you’d much prefer to hear the story of young Geordie Murray.

Alberta teenager rushes into burning building and saves lives of residents — again
excerpted from the Canwest News Service

For the second time in his life, Geordie Murray ran inside a burning home to lead victims to safety. The 19-year-old was driving past a duplex at about 11:30 on Monday night when he spotted smoke pouring out of the windows. He slammed on his truck’s brakes and ran to the house, yelling “fire.”

The smoke detector downstairs was going off, but two men inside the suites were asleep, Mr. Murray said. He ran up to the door where the smoke was the heaviest and started pounding with his fists.

“As soon as they were out, the windows were all filled with smoke. I don’t think they’d have gotten out if it was 30 seconds later,” said Mr. Murray, who ran to alert neighbours.

Last December, he helped three unconscious people to safety from a house fire in Victoria. “It’s kind of weird that it’s my second time,” he said.

Calgary firefighters were quick to quell the flames Monday night. One of the men was taken to hospital by paramedics for breathing problems.


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