Day 503: Play me a song I’m the piano man

Believe it or not this is a piano ... a $100,000 Schimmel Pegasus Piano. Go figure.

Even before my GDAD days, I would always try to donate a new unwrapped toy to the local Christmas Wish toy drive. I must admit I usually didn’t put a lot of thought into it. I’d grab one of the classics I remembered liking from my own childhood — a jigsaw puzzle, or stuffed animal, or that classic favourite: Lego.

Our office is collecting toys for the Christmas Wish drive so I tried to spend more time this year choosing something guaranteed to provide hours of enjoyment (no, I didn’t get a cardboard fridge box … although that’s not a bad idea).

The store had lots of “creative play” sets and dolls and other newfangled toys, but I knew the perfect item as soon as I saw it … a keyboard. It triggered a flashback to my own childhood when I begged my parents for piano lessons but they told me my hands were too small and offered accordion lessons instead. (Did not take them up on that.) I remember going to friends houses and picking out tunes on their real, or even toy, pianos.

Now the keyboard I bought is merely a toy … no kid will sit down at this thing and sound like Oscar Peterson … but I have a feeling tickling the (fake) ivories will tickle his or her fancy.

And their parents? Maybe I should have included earplugs….

P.S. Here’s the man himself. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Day 503: Play me a song I’m the piano man

  1. en gzl piano çalan kişi bence kıvanç tatlıtuğ ve hazal kaya ha bu arada batuhan karacakayanın çalmasınıda unutmayalımmmmm…

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