Day 503: Play me a song I’m the piano man

Believe it or not this is a piano ... a $100,000 Schimmel Pegasus Piano. Go figure.

Even before my GDAD days, I would always try to donate a new unwrapped toy to the local Christmas Wish toy drive. I must admit I usually didn’t put a lot of thought into it. I’d grab one of the classics I remembered liking from my own childhood — a jigsaw puzzle, or stuffed animal, or that classic favourite: Lego.

Our office is collecting toys for the Christmas Wish drive so I tried to spend more time this year choosing something guaranteed to provide hours of enjoyment (no, I didn’t get a cardboard fridge box … although that’s not a bad idea).

The store had lots of “creative play” sets and dolls and other newfangled toys, but I knew the perfect item as soon as I saw it … a keyboard. It triggered a flashback to my own childhood when I begged my parents for piano lessons but they told me my hands were too small and offered accordion lessons instead. (Did not take them up on that.) I remember going to friends houses and picking out tunes on their real, or even toy, pianos.

Now the keyboard I bought is merely a toy … no kid will sit down at this thing and sound like Oscar Peterson … but I have a feeling tickling the (fake) ivories will tickle his or her fancy.

And their parents? Maybe I should have included earplugs….

P.S. Here’s the man himself. Enjoy!



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4 responses to “Day 503: Play me a song I’m the piano man

  1. Included the earplugs.
    And to top all that, you posted one of the greatest songs in the world.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

  2. emily semak

    can i buy one ??? & is it a real piano for a person who plays ?

  3. yasemin

    en gzl piano çalan kişi bence kıvanç tatlıtuğ ve hazal kaya ha bu arada batuhan karacakayanın çalmasınıda unutmayalımmmmm…

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