Day 505: Good deed shopping spree

Boxing Day Squirrel ... I am still laughing....

Hope everyone reading this had a peaceful, Merry Christmas. Mine was peaceful but less than merry, thanks to a nasty bout of bronchitis that hit me last week. I’m still on antibiotics and trying to keep my explosive coughs to myself so as not to frighten small children and pets, so no Boxing Day shopping, or other festive outings, for me. This has meant that (a) good-deeding opportunities have been limited and (b) I’m getting cranky.

So imagine how thrilled I was when I found a way to do something nice for someone and shop for my husband’s upcoming birthday at the same time – from home!

I came across a cool site called How perfect is that? Too perfect, I thought at first … I wondered if I was seeing things in some sort of overmedicated Buckley’sDM haze.

But I checked it out and it’s for real. Simply by shopping online at a retailer linked to the GoodDeedShopping website, a percentage of your purchase price (ranging from .05% to 10%) will be contributed to a Canadian charitable organization of your choice.  There’s no extra cost to you, the retailer makes the contribution since they  benefit from increased traffic to their website.

You can choose from more than 50 Canadian retailers ranging from La Senza, Canadian Tire, Chapters-Indigo, GrowerFlowers, Radio Shack, Sportmart, and And pick from a long list of good causes, including the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies, Epilepsy Canada, ALS Society of Canada, Casey House, Mitchell Centre for Equine Rescue, Starlight Children’s Foundation, Nature Conservancy of Canada, and more.

So I chose to shop at with a portion of the purchase price donated to Epilepsy Canada.

Here’s how it works
Step 1: Connect to
Step 2: Register as a shopper and select a charitable cause and a participating retailer
Step 3: Shop till you drop!

So I was able to get a birthday gift and donate to a worthy cause without spending anything extra … in my jammies … I feel better already! Your One-Stop Shopping mall that makes donating to your favorite non-profit organization a snap! For every purchase you make at your favorite retailers we donate up to 10% of the purchase price to your favorite non profit organization at no extra cost to you!


6 thoughts on “Day 505: Good deed shopping spree

  1. Awwww geeeeez GDAD, take care of yourself!! I hope you are still on holidays tomorrow at least!!
    I will definitely check out

  2. Just an FYI… often times you’ll quite a bit more for higher priced items.

    It can often be better for you to save 5 or 10 dollars by going direct and then donating that amount directly to the charity. You can save a little and donate more to the charity you want to benefit.

  3. That squirrel is about as silly looking as the chicken in Day 513 Birds with no feathers flock together. (I assume that is the correct spelling).

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