Day 507: Soup-er fan

So, still stuck inside coughing like a coal miner. But I found a way to donate a can of soup to the food bank without leaving the house … via Facebook of all things.

I simply clicked a button to become a “fan” of Campbell’s Help Hunger Disappear program, for which Campbell’s will donate a can of soup (tomato, I believe) to Food Banks Canada. Soup is such a comfort food (and a staple of my sick-bay diet), that I had no hesitation in becoming a “fan.”

To find out more about the program, you can visit the Help Hunger Disappear website.

I did, and here’s what I found out:

“With a mission to provide extraordinary, authentic nourishment for all, Campbell Canada has a goal of donating 100,000 cans of Campbell’s Tomato soup to Food Banks Canada by December 31, 2009 — this is in addition to the 1 million pounds Campbell donates on an annual basis to Food Banks Canada.”

Did you know?

  • The roots of the Campbell Soup Company can be traced back to 1860, when Abraham Anderson opened a small canning factory in Camden, New Jersey. (Did not know that.)
  • In 1904, in order to provide workers with something to do in the middle of the day when the soup stock simmering, the company began making and selling Pork and Beans. (Wow, am def. a fan of those!)
  • Also in 1904, the Campbell Kids were introduced as advertising characters. (Yikes, that makes them 105!!!!)
  • The colours of Campbell’s Soup labels, red and white, come from the colours of the Cornell University football team. (No idea why.)
  • Campbell began using radio advertising in 1931, using the famous “M’m! M’m! Good!” slogan. (M’m! M’m! Interesting.)

P.S. Speaking of coal mines ….


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