Day 509: Happy New Year!!!

Today was a marathon door-opening day. I ventured to shopping mall and saw a lady with a walker coming towards the door so I held it open for her. She took a little while, so by the time she’d walked through the doorway, I’d spotted another lady whose arms were full of parcels.

Three guesses what I did next (first two don’t count). Thing is, once I’d grabbed the door, the parcel woman’s husband trailed along behind her. Then two men in parkas, followed by a family of four. I might need an ice pack for repetitive strain injury … not really.

Before I forget, I’d like to wish everyone reading this a very happy, healthy, peaceful New Year. Thanks very much for taking the time to read this and a special thanks to the kind people who leave comments. More appreciated than you’ll every know. Happy New Year!!!!

P.S. Miscellaneous, this is for you. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Day 509: Happy New Year!!!

  1. PS:I am hoping that the flu allowed you to start the new decade with better spirits.
    BTW a very Happy New Year to your gooddeeds in DNA carrying Hubbie too.

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