Day 513: Bridge financing

Discovered a serious flaw in my “load pockets with loose change” system for making on-the-spot contributions to buskers, panhandlers, and other donations. The flaw? The system doesn’t account for multiple demands in the same day.

I discovered this flaw when I emptied my pockets in the morning (to someone collecting for a school charity drive), only to be approached in the evening by a man and his wife outside the subway station.

The two of them came out of nowhere and startled me by talking very fast and kind of loud. (The husband, anyway … the wife said not a peep.) They blocked the way I was walking and hubby launched into a story of how their car was on the other side of the lot but they had no money for gas and how embarrassing it was to have to approach strangers. (The Mrs. did look very embarrassed … the Mr., not so much.)

So the very situation I wanted to avoid by being prepared with coins in my pocket came to be … I stood there in the dark in the shadow of a spooky bridge and rifled through my purse to find something for them. They thanked me very warmly (especially Mrs. out-of-gas person) and hurried off through the parking lot.

Oh well. Back to the drawing board….

P.S. The haunting voice of Lhasa de Sela — sadly, the Montreal singer lost her battle with breast cancer last weekend.


2 thoughts on “Day 513: Bridge financing

  1. I gave away three of my last $4 US (wallet accessible anyway) to a guy outside the hotel where I was at an after X-mas X-mas party (which was super fun).

    Coming back to Canada after a couple of weeks away, I actually kind of miss dollar bills, they are so much less cumbersome than the coins.

    Also you can buy a gallon of milk (3.78 liters) in the US for $2. So expensive to be Canadian! Worth it though of course.

  2. Wow, cross-border good-deeding, yay! Way to go, Michael!

    They just came out with $1 coins in the States, actually … not sure if they’ll catch on though. When I was there last, they just seemed to confuse people. lol

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