Day 514: Birds with no feathers frock together

"Yo, dude, I asked for double-breasted!"

We now take a break from our regular GDAD programming to bring you … Cutest. Good Deed. Ever.

I read this story in my local paper this morning (picked up from The Telegraph in the U.K.) and just had to share.

Welsh animal lover Ann Duran, 55,  is warming the hearts – and bodies – of shivering featherless chickens in her area, by knitting them woolly sweaters.

The rescued hens were left without feathers after being cooped up in the hot sheds of battery farms. Ann, of South Wales, heard about the freezing fowl from a friend who rescues the retired birds. Ann soon convinced other friends to form a Helping Hands knitting circle to make sweaters for bald chickens across the U.K.

“Some people think I am a little bit crazy but I didn’t like to think of chickens shivering through the winter,” she told a reporter. “The feathers will eventually grow back but until then my jumpers will keep them warm.”

Awww. Makes me wonder what’s next for Ann? Turkey turtlenecks?….

P.S. Oh, and my good deed today? Well, I didn’t knit any sweaters for chickens, or any other poultry for that matter, but I did brave the cold and go for a long walk and do a little litter collection along the way.

P.P.S. And speaking of bald birds….


3 thoughts on “Day 514: Birds with no feathers frock together

    1. its all true i am ann and if you go to, itv wales news and look for hot chicks you will see the video of what they showed on my local news,
      if you go on the little hen rescue site you will see these poor chickens its awful the state they are in when they are rescued so it is whacky but very true,

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