Day 516: Using my noodle

"This is NOT al dente!"

The other day I found myself in a grocery store I’d never been to before. I had the notion that all grocery stores were pretty much created equal, so I picked up my usual couple of items for the food bank bin that I expected to find near the exit somewhere.

I was replenishing my personal stock of that old standby Kraft Dinner, so I picked up a couple of extra boxes to donate. But when I got to the cash register and asked where they kept the bin, the young guy at the cash told me it was no longer there.

Turns out, they only collect non-perishables for the Food Bank over the holidays.

Now while it’s commendable that the store helps out during the Christmas season, my local supermarket has a food bank bin set up near the exit year-round … that’s what gave me the idea in the first place. So I begrudgingly took home my unusually large supply of K-D and tried again at my local store today.

I was a little worried they, too, had adopted this holiday-only policy but to my great relief, there it stood by the exit … a big plastic bin full of boxes and cans and packages, ready for delivery to the Food Bank.

So I added my donation of pasta sauce and spaghetti and went home for dinner … to what else? K-D.

P.S. Since this Honduran-American singer is currently in Central America doing charitable works, here’s one of his songs en español (credit: jackryan4da). Enjoy!


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