Day 517: Drives me to think

Um, no, not my route.

I’ve met some cheery bus drivers in my day but this morning’s ray of sunshine takes the gateau.

Not only did he greet everyone as they boarded with a bright “Hello” or “Good Morning” (and I mean, every … single… passenger), but he announced every stop personally (instead of using the “Silicone Sally” recording most of them use). He also came over the intercom periodically to announce the approximate temperature and even the time.

He joked with two blue-rinsed ladies, chatted with a grumpy old guy carrying four grocery bags and even let someone on who had an expired transfer. That never happens.

At one point, he actually made me laugh out when he announced. “Our cruising altitude is about a foot and a half.”

If Letterman ever retires, I’m nominating this guy as his replacement.

Why was he in such high spirits? I figured it was either his first day on the job … or his last, who knows?

What I do know is that he eventually had everyone on that bus smiling and in a better mood than when we first got on.

So even though I’ve been getting off at the back of the bus lately, I made my way through the crush of people to the front so I could thank him for such a fun ride. And it was no surprise that most of the people getting off ahead of me were doing the very same thing.

So if I ever start to doubt that one person can make a difference in another’s day, I’ll think of him…and smile….

P.S. I used to love this song … whatever happened to these guys?


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