Day 518: Everyday angels


My good deeds today were small ones today (what else is new, you ask?) so I wanted to share a heartwarming story I read about on the website about some everyday heroes out west. Enjoy!

Students Earn Snow Angel Wings for Helping Seniors Shovel

A class of junior high school students are Edmonton’s newest Snow Angels.

Three students from Crestwood Elementary-Junior High School and their principal, Sue McKenzie-Robblee, accepted a special Snow Angels certificate from the mayor on behalf of their Leadership Class.

Last winter, the class shoveled snow for their 93-year-old neighbour, Maxwell Kates, before school started in the morning and during their lunch hour. The students are continuing to shovel snow for him again this winter.

“As Snow Angels, these students have set a wonderful example of generosity and helpfulness for all citizens to follow,” said Mayor Mandel. “They have shown that we can make a big difference in seniors’ lives just by helping them to shovel snow. I hope their story inspires other Edmontonians to become Snow Angels this winter.”

The Snow Angels program encourages citizens to volunteer to shovel snow for seniors in their neighbourhoods. It also allows seniors to recognize volunteers who shovel their walkways by nominating them as Snow Angels with the City of Edmonton. When nominated, Snow Angels receive a Snow Angels pin and letter from the mayor. Their names are also entered into a prize draw.

Mr. Kates, who nominated the Crestwood students as Snow Angels, explained that he was happy for the students’ help because he has been unable to shovel snow for many years.

Seniors can nominate their Snow Angel by completing the nomination form at

The City of Edmonton’s Community Standards Bylaw states that residents must remove ice and snow from their property within 48 hours of a snowfall.

The Snow Angels program is unable to match seniors and Snow Angels. A list of organizations that help seniors shovel snow is available on the City’s website.

About 700 volunteers have been recognized by the Snow Angels program since it began in 2007.


One thought on “Day 518: Everyday angels

  1. Was coincidentally in Edmonton all week at a massive convention, stayed at a hotel.

    Here’s a GDAD tip for business travellers, those throwaway toiletries they restock your room with daily are great donations for shelters; from what I have heard, basic toiletries are always in demand. Just added to my suitcase, routinely, each day’s allotment.

    Did this in the US a few years ago and coupled the toiletries with some razors and undergarments – also in demand, plus donated the athletic bag housing the goods to a men’s shelter.

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