Day 520: The power of one

Haiti: MSF makeshift medical clinic.

I’m happy to report that the saying “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” also works with good deeds.

After repeatedly getting the message, “site temporarily not available” at the Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) Haitian relief page, I went away and came back later and they eventually had it up and running.

The good news is, I read in my local paper that the reason for the glitch was that MSF (and other charities) had been overwhelmed with donations after the massive earthquake hit Hait, and they struggled to keep up with the generosity that come their way.

I finally got through to make my donation, but like many others, I still felt as though it was such a small drop in the bucket for such a huge disaster. Watching the news footage of the wreckage and reading stories of the devastation, I felt powerless to truly help and make a difference.

Maybe sensing that so many people felt the same way, the pastor at my church gave a moving sermon this morning to remind us that every person can make a difference … if not to the people in a faraway land, then to the people around us.

He said that merely by offering a smile, or a kind gesture, by being respectful or thoughtful in small ways, each one of us has the power to brighten another’s day and make the heavy burdens we all carry feel a little lighter.

His words alone did that for me….

Reader mail: Tip of the day
I received a fantastic suggestion from a reader and wanted to share it in this post:

“Here’s a GDAD tip for business travellers, those throwaway toiletries they restock your room with daily are great donations for shelters; from what I have heard, basic toiletries are always in demand. Just added to my suitcase, routinely, each day’s allotment.

“Did this in the U.S. a few years ago and coupled the toiletries with some razors and undergarments – also in demand, plus donated the athletic bag housing the goods to a men’s shelter.”

(I have a stockpile of these travel toiletries and now know what to do with them. Thanks, Michael!)


One thought on “Day 520: The power of one

  1. Such a beautiful message and good blog by you. I feel inspired to write daily in my blog too. Its been great you have landed on your blog. Its 2:14 AM in India, and I’m still hooked up reading every single item of your blog. Thanks. It is pleasure to eyes, food to soul and happiness / peace to heart.


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