Day 522: Tam I am

Hat head alert.

Why is it, you only ever find a single sock or a single shoe? Doesn’t the person who lost it feel a draft on their other foot?

In the winter, it’s usually a lone glove or mitten you see stuck in a snow bank or lying by the side of the street … like fashion roadkill.

In the winter time, I feel even more sympathy for the person who’s been separated from their accessories. If you drop your hat or your scarf and don’t have them when the wind picks up, it’s no fun. No fun at all.

So today, when I came across a hat that either blew right off someone’s head in a gust of wind, or fell out of their bag, I wanted to make sure I handled the responsibility with care.

The hat was a relatively new white knitted “Tam,” as they used to be called. (Sort of a pregnant beret.) It was lying on the pathway to the entrance of the building where I often get my coffee in the morning. I thought about bringing it into the building and leaving it with the security desk but wasn’t sure if the person who dropped it would think of going there to ask for it.

I tried to put myself in the Tam-owner’s shoes … or boots, it being winter and all … and figured once they realized it was gone, they’d probably retrace their steps to try and find it. So I looked around for a visible, yet wind-protected spot, and placed it in plain sight on a raised concrete half-wall that flanked the pathway.

It was the least I could do … after all, white hats always belong to the good guys don’t they?….


4 thoughts on “Day 522: Tam I am

    1. Aw, you gave away the ending! LOL

      No, the hat was gone … I’d like to think it was reunited with its owner … or at least was picked up by someone who really needed it. You know, maybe someone with a frozen bald head! 🙂

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