Day 523: Shoe Drive for Haiti, Part 1

Any deed (good or otherwise) involving shoes is bound to get my attention.

So when I saw the notice today about a “Shoe Drive for Haiti” at SoftMoc stores across Canada, pitching in seemed like a no-brainer.

I won’t be able to contribute to the shoe drive until tomorrow. But I wanted to post about it today to spread the word, since tomorrow (Friday) is the last day of the drive.

Why is this “Part 1”?

At first, I planned to gather up all the “gently worn” shoes I could part with and take them to the nearest SoftMoc store at lunchtime tomorrow. Then it hit me that I work in an office of 60 or so peeps … two feet each … that’s a lot of shoe potential!

So I put the word out about the drive, and offered to bring any donated shoes over with me when I trekk over to SoftMoc tomorrow … that will be Part 2. (Oh, how I love a good mini-series!)

A great group called Soles4Souls will be organizing the distribution of the shoes to Haiti. Stay tuned for more about them in Part 2.

(Did I mention that I love a good mini-series?….)

P.S. Here’s The King. Enjoy!


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