Day 525: It takes a village

The earthquake recovery effort continues in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

This weekend, like many people around the world, I dug a little deeper into my not-so-deep pockets to come up with another donation to the Haiti relief effort.

The news footage of wounded children, countless casualties and a crumbling city still rattled by aftershocks is almost too much to bear.

But with all of that bad news, I was buoyed by a story in my local paper that reported that Canadians have donated more money, per capita, to the Haiti relief effort than any other country.

The story read:

“From school bake sales to text donations to loonies and toonies dropped in corner store collection boxes, Canadians are donating by the thousands to help Haitians struggling in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake. That flood of donations is setting Canadians apart, leading the world in providing aid to Haiti.”

Even the federal government — who agreed to match Canadians’ donations to recognized charities working in Haiti dollar for dollar — coughed up a little extra by removing the previous cap of $50 million.

So with that shining example of generosity set by my fellow citizens — and, ahem, government — how could I not give more?

To find out how you can help, visit Canada for Haiti or Hope for Haiti Now.


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