Day 526: One step at a time

Maybe they have an "Escalator Climb"?

Double strike-out in the good-deed department today, folks.

First, I took a long detour to the office to try and find Mr. Singh, my Outreach Connection guy (to buy his newspaper that supports the homeless and unemployed) but he was nowhere to be found.

Then, I planned to take the stairs up nine flights in my office building to start preparing for the World Wildlife Federation’s CN Tower Climb on April 15th (to join a coworker’s team). The goal of the 20th annual event is to raise awareness (and funds) to fight climate change.

Did I make it up to the top? … I couldn’t even find the entrance to the stairs!

So I think it might be best if I limit my participation to sponsoring her team. If I actually did try and climb the 1,776 steps of the world’s largest freestanding structure, I can see the next-day’s headline now:

“Ms. Good Deed A Day flattened on sidewalk after taking wrong turn at step 1,775.”

P.S. A stirring song from backstage at the Hope for Haiti Now telethon (credit: MTV).

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2 thoughts on “Day 526: One step at a time

  1. You are a true inspiration – to many it appears. Accept that as one of your ways of participating in the real causes of this complicated world we live in. I’m off to see if our SoftMoc is participating!! Thanks.

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