Day 531: Soap dish

Cover girl Zsa Zsa ... um, not the subject of the "animal rescue" story

Did the ultimate good deed today, folks.

At our office, everyone takes turns doing a week of kitchen cleanup duty, and the roster list is alphabetical. Usually, the name of the current week’s Molly Maid and next week’s are posted.

A couple of weeks ago, I started to pay attention when the last names started to look like alphabetical neighbours of mine.

Then, all of a sudden the names skipped past mine in the ABCs. I confess that it did cross my mind to just keep my mouth shut and cruise along without having to do kitchen duty at all … it crossed my mind for longer than I care to admit (hey, I never claimed this good-deed thing was easy for me).

But my conscience got the better of me and I fessed up to the person who makes up the roster. To my pleasant surprise, she told me the same thing happened last year and the person who’d been left off the list – a male, by the way – also came forward to do his duty.

So it’s rubber gloves and dish soap for me next week, guys … unless I change my name to Zsa Zsa….

P.S. A domestic-themed ditty called Silver Threads & Golden Needles. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Day 531: Soap dish

  1. Hoping you were passed by… as a “thank you” for all the times you snuck into that kitchen and washed a spoon or two… and more – when it wasn’t even your week for the clean-up duties!

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