Day 532: Token of appreciation

... ahhhh, my Precious!

I’ve mentioned before my previous penchant for picking up lucky pennies. Imagine my glee at spotting something even shinier on the pavement … a bus token.

Thing is, a tiny lady in a worn brown parka spotted it at the same time.

It was like a saloon scene from the Wild West when a revolver drops to the floor and the white-hatted cowboy and the black-hatted one stop and stare down at it at the same time.

Only instead of Stetsons, picture toques.

We both stopped, looked down at the token glinting in the sunlight, then looked up at each other and smiled. She clearly didn’t know who she was dealing with. I chuckled and shrugged, she bent down to pick it up and I kept on walking. (Hope you weren’t doubting me, there.)

You’ll have to forgive me for hesitating at all, but unlike a penny, these shiny discs are now worth $3.00 … a virtual goldmine for a commuter. Or a silver one, anyway…..

P.S. You had to know this was coming! Enjoy!


10 thoughts on “Day 532: Token of appreciation

  1. They raised the prices on lockers at the gym from 25 cents to 50 cents which affects me because I use the sauna after and have to change twice, so I pay twice, and visit 20 times a month plus.

    However, I found the “free” locker, lucky number 213, hit or miss whether it’s occupied, but today the “free” locker was vacant and I found $2.62 in change. So there.

    I know, not very altruistic, but it feels right.

  2. …and then I went back to the gym, didn’t get the lucky 213, and forgot my gloves in the locker…and cursed myself for my cockiness in over celebrating beating the system and being dollars ahead because they are super nice gloves…and then I went back the next day, and found the gloves in the lost and found where I was personally escorted by a gal whose co-workers insinuated she should try to make out with me while we were in the laundry room, which was flattering…but I forgot my towel so I had to pay $1 for that…so I’m still up, and back to being super cocky, though I need to work on that…

    1. Michael, thank you for making me laugh out loud … not at you, of course, but with you! πŸ™‚

      I’m so impressed that you can keep an accurate tally of where you stand in the grand karmic scheme of things! I’d need an accountant … or one of those “apps” everyone’s talking about. lol

  3. No I’m good with the laugh out loud piece, being super hilarious only adds to my natural cockiness…always assume “with”, sure that from time time it’s “at”, can live with that…(part of the cockiness, which I need to work on).

    Added to your comment record! Infectious good deed a day completed on my part for today.

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