Day 537: Be the change

Okay, this is one of my most random good deeds yet.  I think I’ve mentioned how I used to love finding lucky pennies and picking them up (but now leave them for others to discover).

Well, to take the “pennies from heaven” concept one step further, I thought, how about leaving my own pennies here, there and everywhere for others to find.

Don’t worry, I’m not paving the sidewalks with copper, just a few selectively placed one-cent pieces that might bring a smile to someone … somewhere.

(This is sort of a Valentine deed … last year, I delivered a few anonymous cards to some neighbours but a friend rightly pointed out that this could end up causing some uncomfortable questions from spouses etc. Oops.)

So where did I leave the coins? Places that I thought would be more novel than nuisance: On a stone half-wall downtown, on a table in my office tower lobby, a window ledge in a clothing store, a bench in the bus shelter … you get the gist.

I should leave at least one on the pavement… for old time’s sake ….

P.S. Speaking of pavement….


4 thoughts on “Day 537: Be the change

  1. You are so sweet! I like the penny finding too.

    From time to time I put $5 bills in my wife’s jacket pocket, or friends jacket pockets, anonymously, because that type of found money is super fun to find and always “mad money” in that it gets spent on life’s little pleasures.

  2. I love this idea, lucky pennies give one such a sunny psychological boost, imagine how many glum days you have brightened up!!

    1. Thanks, conditioner! It’s funny, even though I’ve been leaving them there for someone else to pick up, when I do see a penny on the ground, it still makes me smile. Funny, huh?

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