Day 539: Found and lost

I was at the drugstore today buying extra-large bandages for my scraped knee (see Day 538 for the full scoop) and noticed they had reorganized the place. As I paid the cashier, I told her how nice the place looked and wished her a nice day.

I left and when I was about half way across the parking lot, I heard someone calling behind me … it was the cashier. Poor lady was out of breath as she’d run from the drugstore to try and catch up with me. She held out a folded $10 bill to me and said she’d found it on the floor in front of her till and thought it might be mine.

I checked my wallet and saw the $10 she’d given me in change but I couldn’t honestly say whether I’d had another $10 in there or not. I could have given myself (and my pocketbook) the benefit of the doubt and taken the money but as I wasn’t 100% sure, I told her to keep it.

That sure would’ve been a lot of found pennies, though! 🙂

P.S. Two of my favourite singers together for “Unloved.” Enjoy!


One thought on “Day 539: Found and lost

  1. So I’m reading into parapsychology because I’m convinced that we are all psychic and it’s just an untapped resource in all of us and I think I’d be really good at it.

    So that me going into magic, because I think when I’m really old I could be like a Gandalf type for sure.

    So I glance at a book on spellcasting at Chapter’s, and it mentions that if you place all your “found” money in a special, significant box, it’s like a wealth spell or something.

    So I have this ‘story box’, super nice carved native art made of recycled glass, tells the story of how when the great flood came the Squamish people tied their boats to a mountain and were fed by eagles who dropped salmon down below to ensure their survival, a swag piece from my boss and our company association with the Vancouver Olympics, and decide that’s the one.

    (Always super lucky when it comes to finding money, I find it all over the place, bills included)

    So now you have me rethinking leaving it for someone else, but just wavering on that, and looking for my next money find to get the ball rolling, which is different for me because I don’t look, I just find.

    So I’m at the gym, site of my previous karmically balanced/unbalanced money finds mentioned on your blog. I’m tossing my armband away and spy what looks like a $50 bill in the waste basket. So I grab it, and of course it’s a stupid ad for something on the back, and I feel like an idiot esp. as it’s in the waste basket and I retrieved it. And I’m sad, really rethinking my life.

    Then I found a quarter on the ground thirty seconds later.

    I just love writing random comments on your blog.

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