Day 541: Slam, bam, thank you … miss

K, I just got ma’am-ed. There is no more terrifying word in the English language for any woman over, ahem, 25.

Here I was trying to do a good deed, and that’s the treatment I get. Sheesh.

A young woman with a sparkly nose ring stopped and asked me where Tim Horton’s was.  Now, as you may recall, my sense of direction is not great at the best of times, but I usually know where every Timmies in a five-mile radius is located. (In fact, I think it’s now a requirement for renewing your passport here.)

So I took care to describe exactly how she could find her way to the closest caffeine/cholesterol connection and she smiled ever-so-sweetly and said, “Thanks so much, ma’am.”

I politely replied “You’re welcome” and refrained from bonking her with my cane….

Timmies Trivia

  • The chain was founded back in 1964 — and back then, a coffee and a donut cost 10 cents!
  • Tim Horton played 22 seasons in the National Hockey League — for the Leafs, Penguins, Sabres, Penguins. (Wow.)
  • Tim’s real name was Myles Gilbert Horton. (“Let’s go to Mylesies” not quite as catchy.)
  • The beloved Timbit was introduced in 1976.
  • In the U.S., you can find Timmies in Michigan, Ohio, New York, Maine, Kentucky, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvannia. (Did not know that.)
  • The term “double double” (two sugars, two cream) was added to the Canadian Oxford Dictionary in 2004. (Did not know that either.)

2 thoughts on “Day 541: Slam, bam, thank you … miss

  1. Tim Horton was maniacally strong as well, legend has it he could move concrete parking barricades by hand.

    Had a similar experience, at the gym a few months back, not that I live there or anything, young gal, about 18 or so, asked if I could check the mens changeroom for her bf. So I complied of course, but he wasn’t in there.

    I gave her the bad news and was walking and chatting with her a bit, and her bf shows up, and he’s a bit put off that we are chatting.

    They lightly ‘argue’ about him missing the meeting place etc., and he hasn’t been to bf school and he’s putting up too much of a fuss, and since I’m pretty bold by nature and whatnot, I just say “Danny (or whatever his name was), you should give this one up”. Well he gets really upset, and shoots back “Excuse me sir, how are you involved here” or something like that, and he really sells the “sir” in the “ma’am” sense, and got all thuggish in body language and stuff (guy thing), even though he’s a fair bit smaller than me (little guy thing). His delicate flower of a gf explains how I helped her out, and he acquieses, but he was totally shooting me the “over 25” thing as an insult.

    Left me thinking, make up your mind dude, am I threat to steal your gf or an old man? You only get one…

    (except for George Clooney, he gets both)

    1. Wow, Michael, did not know there was a male equivalent to being “ma’am”ed … I’m oddly pleased about that. lol

      Your gym is a hotbed of intrigue, almost makes me want to join one! (almost)

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